Birmingham - Your Dream Vacation and Conferencing Location

Amongst the cities of the British Midlands, none has the vibrancy of Birmingham - former heart of the industrial revolution. Now that the factories have gone and also the mills are still, this breezy city has transformed itself into a sophisticated destination for culture, shopping, and fine dining along with a fantastic place for meetings, seminars and conferences. The fine selection of Birmingham hotels, too, help make your stay there a delight. Listed here are some great reasons to spend your subsequent vacation or hold your conference in Birmingham.

1 factor, Birmingham, the former 'city of a thousand trades', is today a handsome, vibrant city graced with pedestrian squares, chic buying centres, and a renowned waterfront. As a result of its industrial heritage, Birmingham is house to more canals than Venice. Brindleyplace in the Water's Edge in the restored canal area offers a wide option of Restaurants, specialty shops and bars.

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